Guide Infrared Contributes to the Epidemic Control of the Beijing Winter Olympics

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Guide Infrared Contributes to the Epidemic Control of the Beijing Winter Olympics

Release Time 2022-03-07

On February 20, the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics ended with an elaborate closing ceremony at the stadium known as the Bird’s Nest in Beijing.

As the first pandemic Olympics held as scheduled in the more than two years since the coronavirus emerged, the 2022 Beijing Olympics will be remembered for the extremes of its anti-COVID-19 measures and excellence of its organization of the games. During the Olympics, there was only 0.01% positive COVID tests reported among thousands of people who came to Beijing for the Games after the strictest coronavirus prevention measures like a closed-loop management system were taken. At the same time, there were huge futuristic technologies helping the prevention of COVID-19 more efficient.


Among these technological advances, the “first defense line of epidemic prevention and control”, fever screening equipment is quite critical. During the Games, 33 QT Series IR fever warning devices from Guide Infrared were used at the offices of the Organising Committee for 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, the Big Air Shougang, the Technology Operation Center, Uniform Distribution and Accreditation of the Organising Committee, etc. All these devices were deployed to measure skin surface temperature and identify individuals with elevated body temperature fast for the epidemic control.


QT Series IR Fever Warning system at the offices of Beijing Organising Committee

The QT Series supports body temperature screening of 120 persons per minute between 0.5 meter and 5 meters with the accuracy of ±0.3℃, which satisfied the epidemic control needs in high-traffic public places during this Olympics, thanks to the proprietary mix of technologies like an integrated blackbody, AI algorithm, facial recognition and big data as well as the more than 20 years’ experience in body temperature measurement.

Even though the COVID-19 brought unprecedented challenges to the Winter Olympics, a variety of the “made in China” technologies, including the Guide IR Fever Warning System, provided a strong guarantee for a smooth operation of the high-tech, green and safe 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, boosted athletes’ performance and led us to witness every “Faster, Higher, Stronger- Together” moment.

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