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Guide IR Fever Warning Systems Help Canadian Schools Fight against COVID-19

Release Time 2020-09-01

Guide Sensmart, a world leading manufacturer of infrared thermal imaging systems has supplied its mass fever screening solutions to schools in Canada in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic as students are returning to school.


Guide Sensmart’s IR236 Fever Warning System, which can quickly detect human temperatures at a distance, has been put to use at Webber Academy, a famous private school in Calgary, Canada, to facilitate the school’s procedure of taking its students’ temperatures.


Traditional thermometers can no longer fulfill the needs of many schools as they need to take temperatures of a large amount of people at the same time. Guide’s contactless infrared thermal imaging system has come in handy in this case as it can detect multiple people at the same time.


The IR236 model can, at a distance, quickly detect temperatures of up to 500 people in a minute. The model adopts a 400 to 300 high-resolution metal detector, and it would sound an alarm and snap a photo once it detects a person with elevated temperature. Guide’s fever warning systems have been installed in many public spaces such as airports, train stations, schools, large enterprises, hotels, and shopping malls.


To fulfill the global needs of infrared thermal imaging systems and facilitate more enterprises and schools, the Company is making efforts to speed up the production of fever screening systems of 10 different series. Guide’s thermal products are fully made in the industrial park of its own which covers the complete infrared industrial chain from IR detectors to IR thermal imaging systems, and are sold to over 70 countries and regions. During the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Company shipped over 100,000 units globally to help users around the world in the fight against the coronavirus.

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