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Guide Sensmart Launches PS-Series Thermal Camera to Streamlines Industrial Inspections

Release Time 2021-04-15

On April 15, Guide Sensmart presented the world debut of its new PS Series high-performance infrared thermal imaging camera enhanced by a combination of high-end configurations, top-tier performance and quality imaging.


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The new Guide PS Series with compelling performance opens up new possibilities for improving the experience backed by innovative technologies.


Guide Sensmart's PS Series camera comes equipped with a next-generation focus motor and high-precision stepping motor control. With the new auto-focus image algorithm, the camera completes the intelligent auto-focus process within 0.4 second while ensuring a precise focus.


In addition to capturing super-resolution infrared images, the PS Series comes equipped with the Guide Sensmart's flagship 13MP digital camera module to support video recording by simultaneously capturing both thermal and visual image.


With thermal imaging, a common concern among infrared thermography professionals is the naming of the images. The new PS Series, which supports AI-enabled voice recognition, virtual keyboard input, and easy-to-use OCR text recognition, allows professionals to benefit from quick and effortless temperature measurement by providing them with a user-friendly solution for image naming.


Another key feature of the PS-Series thermal camera is its ergonomic design. The IF Design Award rotating lens and screen structure helps users quickly diagnose failing components in hard-to-reach areas. 


In addition, the new PS-Series thermal camera provides an efficient remote collaboration solution enabled with cloud services, it also supports calibration-free optional extended lenses, you can quickly equip the telephoto and macro lenses without sending back the thermal camera to the factory. With several advanced features and configurations, including flexible emissivity setting by areas and laser rangefinder, the PS Series can address the requirements of hundreds of complex scenarios, including building detection, power detection and scientific research.


Guide Sensmart’s PS Series is fully equipped to meet the needs of infrared thermography professionals who seek high-end configurations and quality performance, in concert with an excellent imaging experience.


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