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Labour Day | How do engineers can work more efficient and safer?

Release Time 2021-05-01

Tribute to the engineers

on the Labour Day



--the International Workers’ Day

which Is a holiday that belongs to every worker

also belong to the engineer who still stick to their works during the festival


Industrial inspections are not easy, and the workload is heavy

A professional thermal camera is a must-have tool to make the work safer, faster and solve the problem more efficient


Extremely fast, efficient, safe and easy to use

Effectively alleviate the hard work of every engineer



It is worth having the best work partner!

A good helper for everyday work


Wait...Wait for the long boot progress bar?

T120 & T120V,

1s boot-up, no need to wait




PS Series

Incredibly fast                     

0.4s! ! !

One-touch smart autofocus

Clear and accurate



IPT Series

Extraordinary vitality

Work 7X24h, without break




Every thermal imager is a partner of the thermal thermographer engineer


We listen to the needs of each thermographer engineer

We pursue dreams together with engineers,

With a mission to make infrared technology benefit more people


Pay tribute to the hardworking workers in all positions

Pay tribute to every thermographer engineer who has worked hard to ensure the safety

Also pay tribute to every "hero behind " --the thermal imaging camera


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