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Guide Infrared DS60xxFT-P series is the key to safe inspection in an Anhui chemical industry park

Release Time 2022-03-16

Safe inspection is essential to a chemical industry park, especially when there exist dangerous chemicals. In an Anhui chemical industry park built on 6 million m2 land, safety management has been a pain point to the management due to potential security risks arising from its elderly video monitoring system. The aging monitoring system with scattered points led to the huge maintenance difficulties. Inappropriate installation height made it suffer from serious vandalism. Wide-area monitoring and situational awareness in all-weather condition cannot be provided.

In 2019, the high quality and performance Bi-spectrum thermal camera from Guide was positioned on the communications towers. The DS60xxFT-P series completes Guide’s offering of wide area full coverage, typically required for the whole industry park surveillance deployments. It produces richly detailed infrared images and real-time temperature analysis at the key positions and for the essential equipment by bringing together the visual and thermal spectrums. When detecting abnormal temperatures, it sends alarm notifications fast. As a result, the safe production management level is enhanced greatly. The below shows how the monitoring system works.

     Mounted at the commanding height with the coverage of the whole chemical industry

     The Guide thermal camera was mounted on the communication tower to realize long-distance and large-scene monitoring. At the same time, it can continuously track and collect information on multiple targets so that it can provide video analysis and alarm linkage service.

Monitoring the operation status

The thermal camera is used to monitor the production status including flame, pipeline leakage and equipment operation for the safety through obtaining the temperature of the production area accurately.

Visual management

Guide thermal camera helps identify, locate, track, monitor and manage the materials of enterprises in the industry park by video surveillance and IoT technology.

An integrated fire protection and life safety system

The integrated system combines the firefighting and security systems that make up an industry’s overall life safety approach, which it ensures that the various controls are operating as intended based on the inputs and outputs of the various individual systems, such as fire alarm video pop-up linkage, alarm point electronic map linkage, fire danger alarm, alarm information push,etc..




    After the DS60xxFT-P series was installed, it not only promotes the safety of the industry, but also save the inspection cost.

Intelligent operation and maintenance to strengthen the professional management

The efficient management of monitoring equipment, network equipment and platform equipment is realized through one click operation and maintenance, overview browsing, large screen display and others. The daily supervision and other work processes have been simplified through multi-level authority and multi-level platform business management. These measures have improved the management of the park significantly.

Cost saving and profit increasing

Guide’s thermal camera makes up for the non real-time manual inspection and the remaining potential safety hazards. Visualization of production and operation of companies in the park to reduce manual inspection investment.

Automatic warning to improve the security of the park

The abnormal temperature area can be quickly located through the real-time comparison of visible light and infrared images. 24-hour online monitoring can effectively help the park find, prevent and deal with potential safety hazards to ensure safe production in the park.



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