Coin Series:WLP+ASIC Uncooled Thermal Module
Coin Series:WLP+ASIC Uncooled Thermal Module
The world's most compact single-chip thermal module
Application field: SurveillanceCity monitoringPersonal Vision SystemOutdoor recreationSmart homeAutomotive ADAS
The new arrival from Guide Infrared, Coin series, is an ultra small-sized thermal module. It is equipped with a GUIDE 400×300@17μmWLP detector, an image processing ASIC chip, a micro electromagnetic shutter and universal optical interfaces. Coin series provide intelligent image processing algorithms and a wide variety of interfaces including the MIPI interface for mobile interconnection. Moreover, a 32 bit processor is provided for secondary development and fast integration of relative products for various applications.

Plug Series: ASIC Based Uncooled Thermal Module1.png

· Support GST 400×300@17μm WLP infrared detectors

· Support parallel port and MIPI(1X or 2X) digital video output interfaces for RAW14, YUV422-8bit and BT.656 video format

· Support multiple data communication interfaces, including GPIO, UART, SPI, I2C, etc

· Internal programmable Cortex M0 and available SDK for secondary development


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