TMS7130A: UAV Payload
TMS7130A: UAV Payload
Application field: Power systemSolar energySearch and RescueLaw enforcementforest fire prevention
TMS7130 payload is miniature, lightweight, electro-optical, stabilized, airborne sensors which are designed to be carried by a small size UAV, and integrated daylight camera, IR camera and stabilized servo platform, total weight is less 2kg. This payload system can be exploring, searching, identifying and even tracking the subject and live date transmission.

TMS7130A: UAV Payload.png

· Integrated IR camera, daylight camera, laser range finder

· 2-axle Gimbals System, covers all ground-to-air observation

· Advanced mini type module design, high reliability

· 1080P HD color daylight video camera, 10x optical zoom

· Autonomous R&D FPA IR detector and advanced precision imaging system, high quality image

· High precision stabilized image independent of platform maneuvers and vibrations

· Advanced algorithm of object identification tracking, high auto tracking accuracy

Detector TypeUncooled
Focal Length40mm
Digital Zoom×1,×2,×4
Color PalettesColor Palettes and color tape, palette optional
Temperature Range-20℃~150℃(high version)
Temperature Accuracy±2℃ or 2%(high version)
Daylight Camera
TypeVisible Video Camera
Resolution16 Megapixel
Focal Length4.7mm~47mm
Frame Rate≥25Hz
Zoom10x optical continuous zooming
Storage FormatJPG, AVI
Laser Range Finder
Spectral Range1550nm(human eyes safety)
Ranging Distance100~1100m(small target)
Distance Accuracy±2m
Servo System
Azimuth Angle-180°~180°
Pitching Angle-120°~90°
Electrical Interface
Stabilized Power Consumption≤20W
Video OutputHDMI
Control InterfaceRS232 or RS422 (option), 115200 Baud Rate
Physical Characteristics
Dimension≤Φ132mm×200mm(Diameter × Height)(excluding damper)
Weight≤2kg(including air damper)
Environmental Adaptability
Working Temperature-20℃~55℃

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