Guide C400M IR Fever Warning System
Guide C400M IR Fever Warning System
Won IF Design Award
Application field: ThermographyInspection and quarantine
Guide C400M IR Fever Warning System can help to detect virus related fevers fast, smartly, and safely, which are widely used at airports, railway stations, metro stations, factories, schools and other gathering public places. Guide C400M integrates various technologies such as infrared thermography, HD visual camera, high-end image processing, intelligent warning, screen display, and wireless remote control to ensure the human temperature screening more simple, efficient and accurate.
  • Provide fast temperature screening for a group of people in real-time

  • Support automatic image & sound warning and snapshot when detecting elevated temperatures

  • Support automatic temperature calibration and warning pre-value setting

  • Rotatable design to achieve all around monitoring

  • Optional tripod, 24 - inch monitor, support projection function, wireless control

  • Handheld-type, easy to deploy and take

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IR Imaging Performance
IR resolution384×288
Detector typeVOx/25μm/7.5~14μm
Frame rate25Hz/9Hz 
NETD 40mk
Focal length25mm/F1.0
Field of view(FOV)21.7°×16.4°
Spatial Resolution(IFOV)0.99mrad
Min focus distance0.4m
Focus Motor-drive/Auto 
Image Presentation
LCD Display 5",1280×720 High Light Touch Screen 
Viewfinder 1280×960 LCOS Screen 
Image Mode IR image/Visual image/PIP/MIF 
Digital Zoom 1.1~4x 
Measurement Range 20°C~60°C
Accuracy ≤±0.4°C (target   temperature 32°C~38°C)
Temperature MeasurementDisplay the highest temperatures of 5 areas at the same time
Analysis Info Storage Saved with image(Areas) 
Auto Tracking Either max
Temperature Alarm Support image & sound & light  warning
Image Format Full Radiometric (JPG) 
Image Internal Storage Built-in 16G, SD card 16G (maximum support 32G)
Report Creation PDF format,Wi-Fi print 
Video Format H.264(with temperature information) 
Video Internal Storage Manual 
Hardware 5MP Visual camera, Illuminator, laser, Wi-Fi, Microphone(Volume   adjustable), Speaker(Volume adjustable), Digital compass, GPS, Light sensor
Interface Micro USB 2.0, SD card, Gigabit Ethernet, Tripod, Mini High Definition Multimedia Interface
Battery Rechargeable Li-ion Battery, Operating more than 4 hours,   Sleeping mode
Working Temperature 15°C~35°C 
Storage Temperature ﹣40°C~70°C 
Weight 1350g 
Size 206mm×145mm×135mm 
Standard AccessoriesLi-ion battery,Power supply adapter, Adapter plug (5 pcs),   Shoulder strap,USB cable, High Definition Multimedia Interfacecable, Network cable,  Quick Start Guide,  User Manual, Data Download Card, SD   card(16G), Hard transport case
Optional AccessoriesTripod, wireless mouse & keyboard & Micro USB OTG cable,   24 inch monitor (High Definition Multimedia Interface) & changeover plug., Li-ion battery,  Pouch

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