OR2: General Thermal Module for Temperature Measurement
OR2: General Thermal Module for Temperature Measurement
Application field: ThermographyIndustrial process
OR2 general thermal module for temperature measurement features by 384×288 resolution, different lens for options, industrial-standard open interfaces and general protocol, it is designed for the applications such as electrical inspection, industrial production line’s inspection and OEM integration.
This module supports digital video signals output and full radiometric pictures and compressed video’s storage. Its compatibility and extensibility make it could be simply redeveloped or integrated into any optoelectronic system.

OR2: General Thermal Module for Temperature Measurement.png

· It supports compressed H.264 video’s output by Gigabit Ethernet’s transmission and control

· Its optional lens could serve desired FOV requirements of different applications very well

· Compact and light weight are offering ease integration into any optoelectronic system

· 2× ,4× digital zoom supports for very detailed image showing

· Intelligent analysis and visual alarm function

IR Detector            
Detector type             Uncooled VOx Micro bolometer            
Resolution            384x288            
Pixel pitch            25μm            
Spectral range            8μm-14μm            
Minimum Focus            19mm            8.8mm            
Focus            Fixed Focus            
FOV            28.4°x21.5°            57.2°x44.5°            
Temperature Range            -20℃~150℃            
Accuracy            ±2 or 2%            
Image Storage Format            JPG            
Video Storage Format            Standard H.264 compressed video            
Function            Control and image transmission            
Type            100m            
Network interface            RJ45            
Video-streaming            RTSP            
Digital zoom            x2、x4            
Compensation            Yes            
Set-up Temperature Unit            Yes            
Add Analysis Object            Point, line, rectangle            
Alarm            Yes, cursor display            
Time-lapse Video            Yes            
Time-lapse Picture            Yes            
Color palettes            8            
Power Supply            
Input Power            12VDC(low-power consumption)            
Voltage            9V~15V            
Operating Temperature Range            -10℃~50℃            
Non-Operating Temperature Range            -40℃~70℃            
Humidity            ≤95%            
Vibration            2g (IEC 60068-2-6)            
Shock            25g (IEC 60068-2-29)            
Electrical Interface            RJ54,Power,SD card            
Weight            260g            
Size (Without lens)            100mm x 45mm x 45mm            
Certification            ROHS,CE            

*Technical parameters are subject to change without notice.