Guide Sensmart brought new thermography products to ELEX SHOW SURREY 2023

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Guide Sensmart brought new thermography products to ELEX SHOW SURREY 2023

Release Time 2023-11-07

ELEX SHOW SURREY 2023 came to a successful end on November 3rd. This exhibition is the UK's top event for electrical and power industries, attracting a wide range of professionals and companies in the electrical equipment sector. At the event, Guide Sensmart presented its latest PR series and solutions for power energy, industrial temperature measurement, fire protection, and other areas. The company's goal was to offer innovative and useful products and services to customers worldwide.

Guide Sensmart is actively working on expanding its range of thermography products. This includes portable thermal cameras, online thermography devices, and intelligent IoT management platforms. These products offer an efficient, accurate, and dependable infrared temperature measurement solution, that can be utilized across a range of industries including power energy, industrial manufacturing, medical health, and scientific research.The temperature measurement performance of these products is excellent and can meet the diverse needs of temperature measurement.


From January 9th to 12th, 2024, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will be hosted at the Las Vegas Convention Center in the United States. During this event, Guide Sensmart will present their latest offerings, including thermal cameras and infrared application solutions designed for smart manufacturing, consumer electronics, and smart homes. Interested individuals are encouraged to visit Guide Sensmart's booth located at Central Hall 21844 to witness the remarkable capabilities of infrared thermography technology.

Furthermore, Guide Sensmart will also participate in the Big 5 Global 2023 exhibition, which will take place at the Dubai World Trade Center from December 4th to 7th. This exhibition will serve as a platform for Guide Sensmart to showcase their innovative products and solutions tailored specifically for the HVAC industry. Visitors are invited to explore Guide Sensmart's booth situated in Hall 1, Zone 50, where they can engage in meaningful discussions and firsthand experiences with the company's new infrared products.

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