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Solutions for the Electric Power Industry


Application of Infrared Thermal Imaging in Electric Power Industry

During the operation of power systems such as power generation, transmission, transformation and distribution, different degrees of thermal defects of various equipment and lines may occur due to complex operation environment, long operation and other factors. Non-contact infrared thermal imaging is the optimum choice for detecting thermal defects of equipment. Through temperature detection, image analysis, intelligent diagnosis and other technologies, operators may confirm potential safety hazards and locate defects timely at a safe distance, so as to reduce the occurrence of accidents and ensure the safe and economic operation of the power grid. 

Panoramic Monitoring of Wind Farms

Most wind power stations in case of potential safety hazards, which are not discovered and eliminated in a timely manner during operation of the generator units, the generator units may be burnt or even collapse.The panoramic monitoring solution provided by Guide in the field of wind power may realize "Panoramic monitoring with one camera" within 5km, presenting high-definition image details, and monitoring thermal state distribution of equipment in real-time. 


Photovoltaic Panel Detection

Photovoltaic power generation mainly relies on crystalline silicon solar panels to convert solar energy into electric energy through photoelectric conversion effect. In the open outdoor, hidden defects of the silicon wafer of photovoltaic panel may occur due to the variable natural environment such as thermal stress, sand and dust and storms. The high-performance intelligent thermographic cameras may help enterprises detect the defects of solar panels, such as cracks, broken gates and black wafers in a timely manner. 


Real-time thermal imaging monitoring of transmission line insulators

Transmission line insulators are used not only to insulate electrical equipment or conductors, but also for fixation and suspension; therefore, the insulation performance of insulators will be reduced due to the long-term exposure to complex and harsh environment including strong electric field, high temperature sunlight and pollutants. The infrared thermal imaging monitoring solution for transmission line insulators provided by Guide may realize the full life cycle monitoring over UHV transmission line insulators and provide analysis data support for the whole process of subsequent insulator deterioration. 


Real-time infrared thermal imaging monitoring of cable trenches

The cable trench structure is complex with multiple high-voltage cables routed in parallel. In case of loose cable joint and excessive contact resistance, long-term operation will cause overheating of the cable joint with the insulating layer burned through, and finally lead to fire in the cable trench. Therefore, the significance of the safety of cable trenches cannot be ignored. The infrared thermal imaging solution for cable trenches provided by Guide may accurately realize the on-line temperature monitoring over the target objects, and has the functions of automatic warning, remote control, manual temperature measurement, trend analysis, statement management, etc. 


Intelligent detection of transformers

The heating fault of defect fault related to the transformer is one of the most common faults in power system. According to the intelligent detection solution for transformers provided by Guide,achieve intelligent diagnosis and locate specific problems, so as to help the field staff maintain the safe and stable operation of the equipment to the greatest extent. 


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Panoramic on-line monitoring of substations

Substation of these equipment is very important for the safe and stable operation of substations. The infrared thermal imaging solution for substations provided by Guide may accurately realize the on-line temperature monitoring over substation equipment, and has the functions of automatic tour inspection, automatic warning, remote control, manual temperature measurement, trend analysis, statement management, etc. 


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Major defect monitoring system

Major defect monitoring system of Guide is a mobile on-line monitoring solution, tracking the suspected defects of the target power equipment by means of all-weather detection. The system does not need to be attached to the monitored primary equipment, and may be installed or disassembled at any time as needed. 


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Electric cabinet on-line monitoring system

The pocket thermographic camera of Guide is especially suitable for temperature monitoring and fire point detection in narrow spaces. It may monitor the real-time temperatures of the busbar, contact and other parts that heat up easily in the distribution cabinet


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Fault detection of distribution equipment

The distribution line is mainly responsible for power supply, which has the characteristics of irregularity, numerous branches and connectors; Due to the oxidation or poor contact of the connectors, burnout of the jug line and the lead occurs from time to time during long-term operation. The intelligent thermographic camera of distribution equipment fault detection developed by Guide may effectively detect the faults of distribution lines and distribution transformers. 


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