After-Sales Service Promise

01 After-sales Guarantee

We solemnly promise that products purchased from Guide Sensmart Company, the official online store, and authorized dealers are eligible for standard after-sales services, including a free warranty, returns and exchangesand original factory repairs with the presentation of sales certificates or receipts.

The after-sales service guarantee does not apply to the following situations: 1. Any unauthorized modifications, disassembly, or repairs not approved by Guide Sensmart; 2. Malfunctions or damages caused by misuse, inappropriate physical or operating environments, improper maintenance, or storage; 3. Accidents caused by force majeure (such as fires, floods, earthquakes, lightning, etc.); 4. Normal fading, wear, and consumption occurring during the product's use; 5. Any alteration, replacement, or tearing of the original serial number label, the absence of a serial number, or a discrepancy between the product model or number on the warranty certificate and the actual product; 6. Consumable accessories, such as batteries or protective films, that naturally wear out over time, unless the failure is due to material or process defects; 7. The completeness and appearance of the product are not within the scope of the warranty. You should inspect and raise objections on the spot when accepting the product for any non-compliance; 8. Failures or damages caused by third-party products, software, services, or actions.

02 Free Warranty

Under normal usage and maintenance conditions, if there are performance failures due to material, craftsmanship, or manufacturing issues, we will provide free warranty service to customers during the warranty period.

Warranty period: 3 years for the complete machine; 10 years for core components such as detectors; 2 years for accessories like batteries, chargers, and cables. Product warranty terms for special items are subject to the specific purchase and sales contract. The warranty period starts from the purchase date indicated on the invoice. If there is no valid purchase invoice, the warranty period is calculated from the date of delivery of the products manufactured by Guide Sensmart. 

Note: The warranty period for products in the category of body temperature measurement and mobile phone accessories is only 1 year. The warranty period for thermal imaging core component detectors purchased before September 30, 2023, is 2 years.

03 Return and Exchange Service

Within 7 days from the date of the first purchase and receipt (inclusive), if the purchased product experiences non-human-induced performance failures, customers can choose to return the product.

Within 30 days from the date of the first purchase and receipt (inclusive), if the purchased product experiences non-human-induced performance failures, customers can choose to exchange the product (same model and specifications).

04 Maintenance Service

For products experiencing malfunctions within the warranty period but not meeting warranty conditions, and for products exceeding the warranty period, we will still provide necessary spare parts and labor services at a discounted price, offering paid maintenance services to our customers.

After-sales maintenance service timeliness: Upon receiving the product for repair, our company will complete the maintenance process within 7 working days (in case of special circumstances, the after-sales service center will communicate with the customer in advance and confirm the solution).

After-sales Guarantee

Free Warranty

Return and Exchange Service

Maintenance Service

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