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Guide Donated IR Fever Warning Systems Worth RMB 1.2 million to Support Hong Kong’s Covid Control

Release Time 2022-03-16

On March 14, Guide Sensmart, a wholly owned subsidiary and a representative of Guide Infrared (SZSE:002414), attended a donation ceremony for helping Hong Kong fight against the Covid-19 in Wuhan, Hubei Province. At the ceremony, Guide donated IR fever screening systems worth RMB 1.2 million to the Federation of Hong Kong Hubei Associations. These devices will be installed at the public spaces to assist screen for elevated body temperature – a possible sign of infection in Hong Kong.


Guide donated IR fever screening systems worth RMB 1.2 million at the ceremony

The donated devices are Guide IR236 and QT Series IR Fever Warning Systems, which are non-contact tools with high accuracy. They are used to detect elevated body temperature through quick individual screening, which will help identify elevated body temperature and reduce the spread of infection. The IR236 provides screening of 500 persons per minute at a distance up to 10 meters and 120 persons per minute is for QT Series.


Certificate of Appreciation for Donation given by the Federation of Hong Kong Hubei Associations

Since the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, Guide Infrared has installed more than 50,000 automatic infrared thermography warning systems in major transportation hubs, hospitals, enterprises, institutions and schools, and donated nearly RMB10 million in anti-pandemic supplies and funds to support the epidemic prevention and control of many places in China and was awarded the “2020 Role Model in Fighting Against Covid-19”.

As there is a high level of COVID-19 in Hong Kong, Guide hopes to do its best to give full play to the advantages of its technologies and contribute to the anti-epidemic in Hong Kong.

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