Guide Sensmart showcased some significant new products at the British Shooting Show

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Guide Sensmart showcased some significant new products at the British Shooting Show

Release Time 2024-02-27

The British shooting show is the premier event for shooting sports enthusiasts, manufacturers and retailers. Now in its 17th year, the show continues to grow in size and influence, attracting attendees from across the UK and around the world to discuss the latest cutting-edge equipment, hunting trends and outdoor activities.

Guide sensmart brought a wide range of thermal imaging products, including multi-optical fusion, multi-functional thermal imaging, high-definition digital & night vision scopes and thermal imaging scopes, and other classic products. These products cater to the diverse needs of shooting enthusiasts, offering the latest technology and innovative product experiences.


At the exhibition, the audience showed great interest in the new TU Gen2 LRF thermal imaging scope, which they were able to try out firsthand. This product combines a laser rangefinder into a compact design, allowing for precise target detection up to 1500 meters. This feature offers users a dependable way to gauge distances in outdoor settings and enhance shooting accuracy. Additionally, the battery life has been extended by 20%, marking a significant improvement in the device's overall performance and usefulness.

Guide sensmart is attending the Enforce Tac conference in Germany from February 26-28, 2024, where they will be presenting a range of their traditional and cutting-edge products. Attendees are encouraged to stop by booth 7-410 in Hall 7 at the Nuremberg Exhibition Center in Germany to discover and try out the newest outdoor night vision equipment.

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