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Infrared Thermal Imaging Assistance in Syndrome Differentiation in TCM


Application of Infrared Thermal Imaging in Healthcare

The human body is a natural biological heating element, and its heat radiation implies a lot of health information. Therefore, the change of the human body temperature is one of the important indicators for diagnosing cases. Medical infrared thermal imaging is a whole-body thermal imaging technology that passively receives the heat source of tissue cell metabolism of the human body. It can receive the human body heat radiation that cannot be seen by the human eyes, and objectively and accurately present the temperature distribution images of parts of the body, offering a reliable basis for clinical diagnosis.

Diagnosis of peripheral vascular disease

In case of lesions in human blood vessels, blood circulation will be obstructed, and the temperature of the skin with lesions will decrease. The medical thermographic cameras can quickly display the temperature distribution images of the body parts to clearly determine the lesions, providing a reliable basis for clinical diagnosis. 


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Diagnosis of breast disease

Abnormalities of structural characteristics identified on the breast thermal images are associated with diseases and cell activity. In different disease courses of the tumor tissue, there are significant characteristics of cell metabolism. With the aid of analyzing the infrared thermogram, early auxiliary screening can be achieved, and preventive and treatment measures can be taken earlier. 


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Assistance in syndrome differentiation in TCM

It can form the temperature distribution image of the human body by obtaining the infrared radiation signals of different strengths of body parts. It can assist in syndrome differentiation in TCM, physical assessment in TCM, meridian point exploration and treatment effect evaluation. In terms of treatment effect evaluation, it is possible to specify the location, onset time, duration and effect degree of drugs, acupuncture or other treatment methods, objectively and accurately evaluating treatment methods. 


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Diagnosis of swelling, heat pain and general pain

When muscles are injured or inflamed, neuropathy and other symptoms cause locally poor blood flow and nerve conduction, all of which will cause abnormal expression of body metabolism. Medical thermographic cameras can accurately detect pain spots and inflammation areas, as a grading diagnosis of pain, accordingly, they can give a targeted treatment plan.


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