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Application of Infrared Thermal Imaging in Farming

With the continuous development of large-scale and intensive farming methods, the traditional method of manually detecting diseases of livestock and poultry can no longer meet the needs of modern farms. As a long-distance non-contact temperature measurement technology, infrared thermal imaging is featured in non-destruction, long-distance measurement and high sensitivity. It has promising application prospects in animal production and monitoring of animal diseases and epidemics during farming. 

Pig growth monitoring

Most symptoms in pigs are accompanied by changes in body temperature. For many diseases, especially certain infectious diseases, the symptom of rising body temperature often appears earlier than other symptoms. It is quite necessary to employ thermographic cameras to prevent and control pig diseases. Timely temperature measurement helps carry out treatment and quarantine of the infection sources at the best time. 


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Sow health monitoring

Sows in the feeding farms are at a stage of sow feeding. The health of sows is related to the growth and health of piglets. Therefore, the health control of sows in feeding farms is particularly important. As a non-contact precise temperature measurement technology, infrared thermal imaging can assist in monitoring the health of sows based on their body temperature, judging their estrus status, and identifying inflammatory diseases that are easily caused during lactation of sows.


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