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Outdoor Sports

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Application of Infrared Thermal Imaging in Outdoor Sports

Thermographic cameras for search and rescue can perform tasks around the clock. With the visualized thermal image perception of the camera, rescue personnel can smoothly pass through dark and unpredictable areas and quickly and safely arrive their destinations. When a potential hazard is observed, the latest situation can be obtained in time, and unexpected obstacles can be avoided in response to an emergency. It not only can turn night into day, but also can also serve as a powerful tool in outdoor adventures, bringing more fun in every trip.  

Outdoor adventure

The beautiful moments of outdoor adventure may be in the early morning or in the evening after sunset. You will not want to miss the best time for hiking, appreciating fireworks in the night sky or having wild activities late at night. With portable thermographic cameras for outdoor purposes, you will no longer fret about activities in the dark environment. You can easily master the use of the Guide Sensmart thermographic cameras if you can operate a telescope. Most importantly, the camera is quite small and compact, light and easy to carry, and affordable. 


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Field observation

Hand-held thermographic cameras are born for professional search of animals. A lot of magical wildlife inhabit the jungles, snowfields, deserts, and wetlands.  Under the protection of nature, it is difficult for us to distinguish them from the natural environment background with our naked eyes, but with portable thermographic cameras, it is easy to identify the targets and clearly record their living conditions. 


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