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Fire Monitoring

Prevention before the Fire


Application of Infrared Thermal Imaging in Fire Protection Monitoring

The temperature distribution in the fire site may objectively reflect the process of fire occurrence, development and extinction, which is of great significance to fire protection, rescue and fire accident investigation. However, due to the lack of technical means, it is impossible to effectively obtain the temperature distribution data in the fire site. With the improvement of infrared thermal imaging, the temperature distribution data in the fire site can be obtained, and the temperature in the fire site can be used to assist in fire protection, rescue and determine the cause of the fire.

Transmission line fire prevention

Transmission line is the main equipment to transmit electric energy; in addition, it is also significant to the safe operation of power grid. For various transmission scenarios, infrared thermal imaging can help personnel find the potential safety hazards of transmission lines, terminal stations/towers, power tunnels and other scenarios.  in addition, it may realize 7*24-hour visual remote intelligent operation and maintenance. 


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Cable trench fire protection

Since the cable trench structure is complex with multiple high-voltage cables routed in parallel, the fire caused by cable failure will lead to large-area cable burning loss and forced shutdown; moreover, as the production cannot be resumed in a short time, significant economic losses would be caused. Thermographic cameras can monitor temperature changes in real time in a dark and secluded environment, and monitor potential hazards and faults in a timely manner. 


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Charging pile fire protection

Charging piles generally work in the mode of high voltage and strong current, which puts forward high requirements for safety. Through the front-end thermographic cameras and visible light lens, the infrared on-line monitoring system can perform real-time temperature measurement and video surveillance on the charging pile, realize the functions of overheat alarm and fire point detection to expose potential hazards as soon as possible, so that the hazards may be detected and treated in a timely manner.


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Park Fire Prevention

Due to the absence of fire safety planning or unreasonable fire protection planning during the construction process of most parks, fire protection in the park is immature, dangerous, scattered and insufficient, there are widespread fire safety risks in the parks, and fire accidents occur frequently; therefore, fire safety in the parks becomes a major problem to be settled urgently. 


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Straw burning

crop residue burning may produce a large number of pollution particles, resulting in smog, and a large number of toxic and harmful substances, which may pose a threat to the health of human and other living creatures. The dual-sensor thermographic camera equipped with AI accurate sensing technology can sense the information of crop residue burning, personnel and geographical location, so as to achieve the supervision effect of remote monitoring, accurate detection, intelligent locating and accountability. 


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